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Coordinator: Institute of Public Health-Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare


The Institute of Child Health (ICH), which was founded in 1965 by Spyros Doxiadis, offers specialized services on prevention and public health and develops research and education activities in the scientific field of child health. Particularly, the activities include the following:
- Specialized clinical-laboratory work, emphasizing prevention, early diagnosis and intervention, and genetic counseling on diseases that can have paramount effects on child’s development
Specialized services on social and developmental pediatrics, primary care, health promotion, and quality of life of children and their families
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Institute of Child Health (ICH) is governmental agency supervised and funded by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. Since 1977, the Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare (former, Department of Family Relations) carries out research and action research, and offers continuing education programs for professionals and specialized services to families and institutions. The Department's main aim is studying domestic violence against children, as well as the prevention of children's victimization.

Due to its specialization, the Department since 1988 functions as Centre for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect according to the decision of the Vice Minister of Health and Social Solidarity (protocol number 2350/14-11-88). Particularly, the urgent social-political demand to eliminate intra-family violence against children has led the specific Department to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programs
  • Education and sensitization of professionals encountering child abuse and neglect in their everyday practice
  • Sensitization of the public and modification of relevant social attitudes and behaviors
  • Bringing together research data and social policy through cooperation with the Ministries of Health and Social Solidarity, Justice and Internal Affairs so that legislation/institutional measures are adopted, and
  • Collaboration with European Institutions on carrying out international research projects on the violations of children s rights
  • Since 2007 the Department of Family Relations has been renamed into Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare

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